Terramare signed a quay contract with Port of Pori Ltd

On 12 July 2021, Terramare Oy entered into an agreement with Port of Pori Ltd Oy on a quay contract for the construction of Kallonlahti quay 2 and Nestebulk quay 29.

The 60-year-old caisson-type quay structure at Pori’s Tahkoluoto oil harbour will be demolished and a new retaining quay wall will be constructed in its place. At the same time, the draught of the harbour will be deepened to meet future requirements.

A retaining quay wall will be constructed at Kallonlahti on Pori’s Mäntyluoto Harbour and the harbour basin deepened to the extent required by the new quay.

The draughts at both quays will be 12 metres.

Work began in June 2021 and is scheduled to be completed in August 2022.

The contract price under the agreement is approximately EUR 23 million.

The Port of Pori considers both quay projects to be highly positive from an environmental perspective

Kai Heinonen, Development Manager, Port of Pori