Our strength is built on ambition and cooperation.

We have always sought to operate with a determined attitude, ensuring that you as a customer receive what you expect. We present Terramare’s values, which we have put into practice.

Introducing the Terramare Diamond.

First edge: working together

Cooperation is about trust, transparency and setting challenging goals, helping all parties to succeed. Cooperation and teamwork is based on a joint objective which all parties consider to be essential and towards which they are prepared to work uncompromisingly. The wisest solutions arise through common thinking. By working and succeeding together, we achieve the best outcome for everyone.

Second edge: right first time

We plan work properly and finish it as agreed. The right-first-time principle is implemented with high professionalism, the correct equipment and top quality materials. The simplicity of right first time is that there is no need to repeat the same work: for us, this is an important guiding principle.

Sharpest point: we do what we promise

Terramare is a professional and responsible contractor you can trust. We discuss issues transparently and openly. We promise only what we can deliver and we deliver what we promise – with high quality, safely, cost-effectively and on schedule, for our customers’ benefit.

Terramare’s activities guided by Boskalis values

We strive to be the leading dredging and marine contracting experts, creating new horizons for all our stakeholders. Our five core values guide us in achieving this mission.

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Promises and results

Recommendation rating: RALA feedback tells the story

Measured since 2016, the most important product of the Construction Quality Association (RALA) reports has been its recommendation assessment. This indicator assesses how satisfied overall customers have been with us and how willing they are to continue working with us or to recommend Terramare as a partner.

The adjacent rating is Terramare’s average recommendation assessment for projects in 2018–2023.

Organisation and practical work rated better than good

The RALA assessment examines various areas, two of which are central to our operations: project activity and project organisation.

The adjacent ratings are Terramare’s average ratings for projects in 2016–2020. In both areas, our performance is rated between good and very good.

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Our projects

Long-term involvement in developing Hernesaari

Client: City of Helsinki

The total volume of sea-filling required in the area totals 1,200,000 m3. In the contract, Terramare performed dredging of soft sediment and other, thin-layer dredging. “For the new residential area, […]

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Quality is created through many factors, such as certified operations.

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