NINA - No Incidents No Accidents.

Our people are our most valuable assets, making safety a core value. Our goal is: No Injuries No Accidents. This is embedded in our company’s culture and supported through Values and Rules. All employees, including our sub-contractors, are expected to take these values and rules to heart.

Structure of the NINA Safety Program


  • I am responsible my own safety
  • I approach others about working safely
  • I take action in case of unsafe operations if necessary, I will stop the work
  • I accept feedback about my safety behaviour regardless of rank and position
  • I report all incidents, including near-misses, to inform others and build on lessons learned


  • Prepare a risk assessment for each project, vessel or location
  • Obtain a permit to work for defined high-risk activities
  • Make a job hazard analysis for hazardous non-routine activities
  • Be informed about risk & control measures
  • Be fit for duty and wear the PPE required

My role according to NINA as an employee

  • Always check the safety of Yourself, Equipment and Surroundings (YES)
  • Ensure that you are informed about risks and control measures for the job and work environment
  • Inform your supervisor of hazardous situations
  • Always follow the values and rules

My role according to NINA as a manager/supervisor

  • Lead by example by demonstrating safety leadership
  • Create an atmosphere and conditions within the organisation where employees are encouraged to work safely and to address safety issues
  • Ensure compliance with the values and rules for the area of control

NINA steps in Terramare

2010 NINA Safety Statement
2012 Safety in management
2013 Toolbox
2014 MVR measurements
2015 Adopting the right attitudes
2016 Safety hazard observations
2017 Kick-off, YES (Scan)
2018 Emphasising work safety
2020 Celebrating 10 years of NINA
2021 Virtual management tours
2023 NINA Expedition

Impact of NINA program on Terramare’s work safety development

Working for safety pays off. We view work safety as a holistic issue that benefits everyone. Working at Terramare must be safe and our customers also want to work with a partner who takes care of its obligations. We can proudly say that our accidents have decreased steadily throughout the program, towards our goal of no injuries, no accidents.