Billing Instruction

Terramare Oy prefers to receive e-invoices.

Company name:  Terramare Oy / Company ID 0718358-3
E-address:  003707183583
Service ID:  BAWCFI22
Operator: Basware Oyj  

The invoice must include the reference number given at the time of the order and the name of the orderer/buyer as a reference. Invoice must contain all the information required by the Finnish law together with seller’s and purchaser’s ID numbers. Without this information, the invoice will be returned unprocessed.

Please use the address below in invoicing address field.
Terramare Oy
PL 1002
FIN-02151 Espoo

In case it is not possible to send via e-invoice, send your invoices in PDF format (invoices and attachments in one PDF) to the email

For inquiries, reminders about invoices or payments please send your email to

According to Value added tax act (8 c § 1) Terramare uses the VAT reverse charge for building and construction services. If you are invoicing from outside of Finland, please be sure to follow international VAT regulations

The date of the invoice cannot be set earlier than the actual delivery date. The agreed payment period does not start until the invoice is submitted according to invoicing instructions above.

Suppliers are  not allowed to transfer their contractual rights to a third party without Terramare’s written consent.  Sale of invoices to other financial institutions must be agreed with Terramare Oy in advance. In case the invoice is sold Terramare Oy only sends reminders and reclamations to original issuer of the invoice, not  to external parties such as financing companies. The contractor takes responsibility for all liaisons with financial company.

The invoice must not be labelled indisputable, as all payments will be handled in connection with the final financial settlement of the contract.

For more information please contact

Karoliina Ritamaa
Phone 044 373 4010