Quality manager maintains high standards in the company

Päivi Stordell is a relatively recent addition to the ranks of Terramare: the engineer, recruited from the world of repair construction, started as a quality manager in January 2023.

“Terramare interested me because the construction projects of the company are on the more demanding end. In addition, Terramare’s internationality weighed in the balance,” Stordell recounts.

On just her third day at work, Stordell got a feel for the kind of company she had joined. She participated in a training session led by Dutch experts.

“I noticed that the session had a lively and good discussion for a Finnish construction site – and all in fluent English, which everyone spoke,” she laughs.

Diamond-grade work

What else has Stordell learned about Terramare and its corporate culture? The quality manager sees that the team around her is very friendly and professional.

It’s easy to act and get things done here. I must say that my expectations for Terramare have been exceeded.

The “diamond of Terramare”, Stordell defines, is the ironclad cooperation: the company has many veterans who help newcomers and share their expertise. The pace and direction of work are communal.

Moreover, Terramare’s work environment is comfortably relaxed, even if the work itself is difficult, Stordell describes, adding that her blazer has been gathering dust in the closet.

Staff surveys confirm that Terramare is a workplace where one can utilize their expertise and develop professionally – and where everyone can be themselves.

All in the same boat

So, what is the day-to-day like for a quality manager? Stordell shares that her domain includes quality matters as well as environmental issues and sustainable development.

At Terramare, the quality manager works closely with the tender calculation and production departments to ensure that projects meet internal and external quality requirements as well as regulatory compliance. Additionally, the role involves developing and maintaining the quality management system in cooperation with the parent company’s SHE-Q experts, along with auditing and reporting responsibilities.

“When I came to this job, I was impressed that the entire organization, from the top down, is committed to quality goals and achieving them. Everyone is genuinely involved in creating quality.”

At the top, the company’s own Way of Working (WoW) quality management system serves as the “scout handbook” for quality.

Shared goals inspire

In her work, Stordell finds it especially motivating that she gets to carry out work that matters – and witnesses daily that others are equally ready to push the work towards the same goals.

“Ensuring and improving quality is a common goal for everyone – and that’s wonderful.”

Terramare’s culture also strongly includes taking care of its employees, Stordell notes. And when everything clicks into place, successes are appropriately celebrated:

“The reward systems we have are also at a good level,” Stordell states.