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The Port of Vaasa is developing, and the extension of the Lasse Quay is a key part of this development

Port of Vaasa being developed to meet future requirements

The Port of Vaasa is located within easy reach of excellent road and rail connections. The port handles fuels, agricultural products and project cargo. Passenger traffic on the route Vaasa-Umeå also departs from the port.

Increasing transport volumes in the future require an increase in port capacity. Growing amounts of cargo are being transported by larger ships, which require wider and deeper fairways and longer quays.

A new 144 metres long quay wall

The Port of Vaasa’s quay capacity will be increased by extending the Lasse Quay by 144 metres and, at the same time, expanding the quay area by 7,000 square metres.

Terramare started work on the site in spring 2023 by demolishing the outer end of the South Quay. The Lasse Quay extension will be built from elements that will be slip-form cast during late summer. At the same time, dredging work will be carried out on the foundation and back fields and in front of the quay area.

Installation work on the quay elements will begin in autumn this year. The quay work also includes surface structures, installation of accessory equipment and filling of the back field of the quay. In addition, the contract includes deepening work at the current Lasse Quay, during which the existing erosion slab will be removed, the area deepened and a new erosion slab cast.

The work is scheduled to be completed by the end of November 2024.