Major investments at Pori – Two quay projects under way at the same time

The port’s harbour field area will also be expanded by up to 12.5 hectares

Port of Pori Ltd is strengthening its operating capacity by investing in an even safer and more environmentally friendly port area at Mäntyluoto’s Kallonlahti Harbour and at the Tahkoluoto chemical harbour. The new quays will be completed in autumn 2022.

Kallonlahti 2 – Additional capacity for harbour use

Work has already begun on the Kallonlahti quay site at Mäntyluoto. A retaining wall quay will be constructed from elements made using the slipform casting technique and installed in position with a floating crane.
-At this site, we once again get the opportunity to utilise Terramare’s core expertise, such as dredging, underwater drilling and blasting, slipform casting and quay construction, says Construction Manager Juha Seppälä.

New environmentally friendly quay at Tahkoluoto

The new retaining wall quay at Tahkoluoto, to be implemented using the slipform casting technique, will be safer for the environment than the chemical harbour’s current 60-year-old caisson-type oil quay, which has already come to the end of its useful life. The structure of the new quay will enable the implementation of an efficient and safe unloading and loading system that meets strict standards.
-The fact that the old quay is still in use at the harbour and the new quay is being built at the same time behind the old quay presents its own challenges to this site. Smooth communication between the port and the Terramare team is paramount in ensuring safe working conditions, emphasises Seppälä.

Deeper harbour basins – Larger vessels

The harbour deepening dredging included in the contract will be handled by Terramare’s diverse and efficient dredging equipment.
The harbour’s new quays will enable larger container and ro-ro vessels to moor at the quays, where the navigation depth will be 12 metres instead of the current 10 metres.
The deepening of the fairway by 1.5-2 metres will double the ship transportation capacity, which in turn will bring to shipowners significant savings in port dues.
As a result of the port’s upgrade, it will continue to be a modern, competitive and environmentally friendly operator.