Dredging and fairway construction

Construction and maintenance of commercial transport routes

The maintenance of sea lanes promotes the safe flow of maritime traffic, and their development enhances the efficiency of ports and fairways. Terramare reduces environmental impacts by planning and developing its own production. We have high expertise in sediment treatment and environmental construction.

Fairways require maintenance

The maintenance required by sea lanes depends on regional conditions. Sediments carried by the various water currents are deposited on the seabed, and as a result keeping fairways at their promised depth requires maintenance dredging. Now and then, environmentally harmful material accumulates on the seabed, and its removal in an environmentally safe manner is vital for the customer and for us. 

Read on our environmental page how we implement thin-layer sediment dredging in a controlled way.

Deepening dredging of fairways and ports 

As commercial transport grows (e.g. container vessels), the requirements for fairway depths have also increased. To boost efficiency and competitiveness, we carry out numerous deepening dredging projects in both ports and fairways. Marine construction has its own environmental impact, of course, but there is also another perspective: deeper fairways provide access to larger container vessels, which in practice reduces the environmental impact of fairway traffic. 

Grading and further utilisation of dredging waste is part of our work

Sediment, harmful waste that ends up on the seabed, and possible toxins – these are materials we are accustomed to working with. In projects, the entire dredging process is carefully planned and the further utilisation of the material to be dredged is precisely considered. During dredging, we grade the material raised from the seabed into different fractions with the aim of utilising suitable material in onshore filling work while delivering contaminated material to the required further processing plants.