Port of Rauma being expanded

The Port of Rauma is purposefully attracting new operators to an expanded port area

The field area under construction at the Port of Rauma will expand the area of the port by five hectares. The expansion contract, which began in September 2019, includes both onshore and offshore construction.

“The expansion will be implemented through seaward rock-filling in the Ulko-Petäjäs area. A total of around 800,000 m3 of blasted rock will be brought to the site for the filling work by barge and truck,” says Project Manager Juha Seppälä.

A speciality of the filling work is the use of a protective screen to prevent turbidity of the water during dredging. June and July are particularly ‘protected’: during this time, the water must not be turbid at all.  

The contract includes dredging of contaminated soil and clay in the area as well as surface, drainage, illumination and landscaping work on the constructed and compacted rock-fill area. The expansion will also require a fairway modification and sea marks.

Expansion to be implemented in five stages

The Petäjäs 4 expansion project is a continuation of previously implemented harbour field expansions, which have increased the field area of the port for new operators. The earlier expansion stages are already fully operational.

Deep compaction and rock-filling work are currently being carried out, following the construction of noise barriers, green walls and public utility services. The project will be completed by the end of October.

The Petäjäs area has been planned and constructed for ten years now. 

“The long-term development project required a lot of planning and the reconciliation of various issues, in order to achieve the best possible outcome,” explains Seppälä.