Technical Manager ignites with field challenges

Markus Alatalo has come a long way to become the technical manager at Terramare’s equipment centre in Loviisa. Holding a Master Mariner’s and Chief Engineer Officer’s degree, Alatalo, who has been involved in various endeavours, gained his “first taste” of Terramare in the early 2000s, when he performed calculations for a wind power project.

“The Terramare team immediately made an impression with their specialized knowledge in marine construction and their professional pride. I thought that they operated in a field in which not everyone could succeed,” Alatalo recalls his first impressions from 20 years ago.

Closer contact came about in 2010 when a familiar Terramare person asked him to stand in at sea. “I was the captain a couple of times and learned more about the company and its culture.”

Soon afterwards, I received an invitation to visit the company’s headquarters. “The CEO at the time directly asked if I would be willing to join the company and what I would like to do there,” laughs Alatalo.

Modifying the job description is advisable

In 2011, Alatalo started as a maintenance engineer at the Loviisa equipment centre – as he wished.

“I admired in Terramare then, and still admire now, how a person’s background is considered when tailoring a suitable position for them. It’s a definite strength in the company and, at least in my case, a working solution,” he states.

In 2017, Alatalo became the equipment centre’s technical manager. He describes the role of the equipment centre as an important support function that ensures that the “special forces of marine construction” have what they need to do their job as well as possible.

“The equipment centre includes a technical office, repair shop, and even its own docks,” Alatalo shares. The equipment centre is unique in Finland, but equipment is also stored in Pansio and Malmö, albeit on a much smaller scale.

A powerhouse of reserves

Alatalo describes the work as being varied and interesting. In this regard, a chronically curious mindset is helpful: Alatalo is interested in “everything” at work. Although the basic work requires perseverance, the best part is the so-called fire brigade operations, when something unexpected happens, and the equipment centre must respond quickly to a call for help from the field.

“Urgent situations create a nice rush of adrenaline,” notes Alatalo, who clearly enjoys overcoming challenges.

“When a problem is solved, you can see the result of your work immediately – and that is very rewarding.”

Not too big, not too small

Throughout his career, Alatalo has worked in both large conglomerates and small family businesses – and has even been an entrepreneur himself. Based on his experiences, Alatalo has concluded that Terramare is a company of just the right size.

Terramare combines the best aspects of both large and small companies.

“Here, everyone knows each other, but, at the same time, the conglomerate has broad shoulders.”

Alatalo considers project business to be a skill, always scouting like a hawk for the next contract.

“Terramare has the kind of experience that brings continuity. A long history and the right practices lay the foundation for success in the future as well.”

A tight bunch of professionals

According to Alatalo, the common long-term employment relationships in the company not only indicate satisfaction but also create stability: the tacit knowledge of veterans flows, and the team becomes more cohesive over time.

“This, in turn, creates something that is our very own – and this is a clear strength,” he summarizes.