RoRo jetty extended

Port of Naantali’s upgraded jetty serves RoRo vessels better

Port of Naantali wished to extend its RoRo and RoPax jetty to accommodate larger vessels. It was decided to increase the quay capacity by almost doubling the length of the RoRo jetty.

Terramare implemented the jetty extension contract, in which the jetty was extended by 94 metres. The total length of the jetty became 228 metres.

The jetty extension was founded on a total of 39 concreted tubular steel piles, of which the longest were 54 metres, due to the deep water and a thick bottom layer of clay.

“The exceptionally deep water was the most problematic aspect of this contract, but Terramare’s team coped well with the challenge,” says Project Manager Marko Saarelma.

The concrete structures of the jetty extension were implemented in three phases. First, 16 prefabricated 50-tonne beam elements were installed on top of  footings cast over the piles. Then, on top of the beams were installed steel corrugated sheets, over which, ultimately, the deck slab was cast.

Around 325 tonnes of concrete reinforcement and 3,500 m3 of concrete were used in the concrreting work. The jetty extension was delivered fully equipped, including fenders, bollards, ladders and edge barriers as well as preparations for electrical installations to be implemented later.

Public utility services including water and wastewater piping were also installed in the jetty.

Execution period: 2017–2018