Lots of additional capacity at Port of Kalajoki

West Quay extension adds ship’s berths for growing container traffic

The West Quay at the Port of Kalajoki needed extending: the 20 metres long quay was simply not adequate when the port sought to invest in container traffic. Terramare implemented the extension of the West Quay, which added an additional 123 metres to its length.

The extension, constructed as a retaining wall quay, now has a total length of 142 metres.

“The quay extension also comprises a 19 metres long transverse quay, equipped with a ro-ro ramp,” explains Project Manager Juha Seppälä.

In the Kalajoki project, an erosion slab was cast on the seabed in front of the quay. The contract also included the quay’s public utility services, surfacing work, asphalting and accessories.

The project started in May 2018 and the finishing work was done in spring 2019. The contract included dredging off the quay extension and underwater drilling and blasting at the outer end of the quay.

“Dredging amounted to 80,000 m3, which was rather challenging now and then in the small harbour – the East Quay continued to operate,” adds Seppälä.

The quay, which has been stretched to seven times its previous length, now enables the Port to accommodate two large or four smaller cargo vessels simultaneously. This, in turn, increases the port’s resources to handle steadily growing traffic volumes and invest in container traffic, launched in summer 2018, in a totally new way.