New number one port for Stockholm

Stockholm Norvik’s new, state-of-the-art container port sets the bar high for all port projects in the Baltic Sea in the 2020s

Stockholm Norvik is the Baltic Sea’s newest deep-water port, which specialises in RoRo and container traffic. The port, covering 44 hectares, is a major logistics centre, located 60 kilometres south of Stockholm. The port, situated in Norvikudden, has been planned to serve as efficiently as possible the needs of modern cargo ships.

The extensive port project has been implemented in several phases. Terramare constructed at Norvikudden a 1,140-metre quay line as both retaining wall and bored pile quays.

“Before the construction of the quays, 200,000 m3 of rock was drilled and blasted and 780,000 m3 and 60,000 m3 of material dredged in two stages,” explains Project Manager Marko Saarelma.

Construction on environmental terms

In the project, the quay line was strengthened with around 85,000 m3 of blasted rock filling. At its deepest, the water depth on the quay line is just over 16 metres, which always brings its own challenge to construction. Building a brand new port in a virtually pristine natural environment, moreover, demanded a lot from both Terramare’s experts and the whole customer organisation as well.

“This project required the construction of a full-scale container port and supporting infrastructure, such as railways and roads. When it started, only the construction site roads were ready,” says Saarelma, recalling how things began in 2016. 

The work done also bore handsome fruit: Stockholm Norvik Port won Sweden’s most distinguished construction industry award (Årets Bygge) in March 2021.

Giant package held together

The customer organisation had an enormous job coordinating all of the different stages of construction. There might be many operators in the same place at the same time, but as things were well planned and scheduled, the work itself progressed well. The ambitious contract was completed in 2020.

The completed port has seven quay berths for ships, four kilometres of new railways and excellent provision of halls and other storage space. Stockholm Norvik Port has been designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable development to serve Sweden’s largest consumer concentration – half of all of the country’s consumption takes place in the Stockholm area, and Norvikudden is now the container port located closest to the capital city.