Finland’s first floating LNG terminal in Inkoo completed in record time

The LNG terminal ship will replace the gas deliveries from Russia

When gas deliveries from Russia to Finland stopped last spring, the Finnish Government made a quick decision to lease the LNG terminal vessel Exemplar to secure the supply of natural gas for industry, energy production and households. Gasgrid Finland Oy (a Finnish state-owned natural gas transmission network company) has leased the LNG terminal vessel for ten years at the Port of Inkoo to safegaurd Finland’s security of supply from winter 2023 onwards.

The Exemplar is a floating LNG terminal, which receives liquefied gas from tanker vessels. Natural gas is converted into liquid gas to make it easier to transport by tanker. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is regasified in the Exemplar, and the gas is fed into the Finnish gas network for distribution. Gas can also be delivered from Inkoo to the Baltic countries through the Balticconnector pipeline.

Huge LNG terminal vessel requires stronger port structures

The LNG floating terminal vessel Exemplar is 291 metres long and 43 metres wide. Liquefied gas will be delivered to the terminal vessel by LNG ships as required, around twice a month.

 “Due to the large size of both the Exemplar and the LNG ships to be moored next to it, the port’s quay and mooring structures must be stronger than in conventional shipping traffic. The mooring points must withstand 3-4 times higher tensile stress than normal,” says Project Manager Marko Saarelma.

 “Construction and design took place hand in hand as the work progressed with good results,” adds Saarelma.

Terramare has long and expert experience of port construction

What made this project exceptional, in addition to the work carried out at record pace – in four instead of nine months –, was that there was no time for a competitive tendering process. The planned arrival of the Exemplar terminal vessel at the Port of Inkoo had to happen during December 2022. Terramare was selected directly as the implementer of the work led by GasGrid Finland Oy due to its long-term and reliable expertise in port construction.

Brand new piling machine for use on the site

Work at the Port of Inkoo site started immediately, in mid-August 2022. A brand new pile driver piled the steel pipe piles of the dolphins, i.e. ship mooring structures, into the seabed.

Despite the tight schedule, the quay and harbour structures were completed on time and were handed over to GasGrid Finland Oy in December 2022.