Port and quay construction

Ports for maritime transport professionals

Specialisation in the construction of ports and quays is at the core of Terramare’s expertise. The heavy-duty quays we build serve as mooring and loading places in ports for both cargo vessels and passenger ships.

Ability – even in challenging projects

We are able and willing to implement even the most challenging port complexes in all kinds of conditions. Our strength lies in coordinating diverse situations and implementation solutions. Our project management is professional and service-oriented. We have honed our equipment to handle demanding work, and our staff have learned through experience what approach results in a successful project and a high-quality outcome. Our goal is to produce top quality, sustainable port structures within the timetables agreed with our customers.

Various types of quays and structures

Each port has its own special features, for which we produce the necessary structures. We implement quays and special structures for waterways, ranging from the small abutments for jetties all the way to large quays for major ports. Quay structures may, for example, be based on retaining wall elements or piles, or even pontoon-based. We recognise no barriers, they serve as inspiration; in fact, our team is motivated by challenges.

A project is always based on the customer’s needs

Port construction is often associated with various needs for structures, fairway depth and forms, and often a quay project also includes dredging and underwater drilling and blasting. We also implement these services professionally. Our qualified staff are also ready to assist the customer at the project planning stage; choosing the right type and cost-effective structure for the site location is in the best interests of all parties.