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Port of HaminaKotka Ltd


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Port of Hamina PK3 and river vessel quay contracts | Client: Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

Port of HaminaKotka Ltd and Sarens Group N.V. have signed on agreement on the transport of 1,000–1,600-tonne modules to Kazakhstan via the Port of Hamina. Terramare has implemented two quay contracts for the project.








Project’s significance
The Belgian company Belgium Sarens Group N.V. and Port of HaminaKotka Ltd have signed an agreement on a three-year international project in which large modules ordered by the oil industry will be transported by waterway to Kazakhstan. The modules will weigh over 1,000 tonnes, with the heaviest being nearly 1,600 tonnes. The Baltic Sea route transports will be delivered via the Port of Hamina. The project consisted of investments in two quay contracts.

Project’s implementation
Terramare has implemented two quay contracts for the project at the Port of Hamina. The contracts have included the strengthening (140 m x 15 m) and extension (100 m x 21 m) of the Palokangas PK3 quay for the reception of modules as well as the construction of a 123 metre river vessel quay, including a mooring dolphin and ramps, implemented as a jetty intended for the reloading of modules.

Work stages
The contracts have included dredging, piling on land and sea, concrete and surface work, and installation of quay accessories.