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Port of Turku Ltd


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Maintenance work of the main channel of Turku Harbour | Client: Port of Turku Ltd

Terramare has implemented maintenance dredging work and replacement of beacons in the main channel of Turku Harbour.








Photo:Markku Alahäme 

Project’s significance
The flow of the river Aurajoki in Turku brings sediment to the main channel and Turku harbour, which is dredged at regular intervals. This ensures that the channel and the harbour basin maintain their officially stated navigation depth and safety.

Project’s implementation
The executed maintenance dredging work of the main channel of Turku comprised the dredging work in the channel of Rajakari-Turku and in the harbour basin of Port of Turku as well as replacing the ice buoys by spindle buoys.
The maintenance dredging work covered a total area of 120,000 m2, where an average of 20 centimetre layer of sediment was removed from the channel and the bottom of the harbour basin. The dredging depth varied between −11.00 and −8.10 metres.

The contract also included the renewal of beacons where old steel ice buoys were replaced by new plastic spindle buoys. A total of 21 beacons were replaced.

The plant used in the project were the dredger Attila and two towable barges with a loading capacity of 500 m3. The replacing of the beacons was carried out by Attila and the fairway supply ship Seili owned by the subcontractor Meritaito Oy.