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Major expansion of D terminal at Mussalo Harbour, Kotka | Client: Port of HaminaKotka Ltd

Terramare is responsible for the construction of a new 220 metres long retaining quay wall and a 620 metres long breakwater as well as deepening of an extensive harbour basin in the first phase of the major expansion of Mussalo harbour’s D section.







Project's significance
Port of HaminaKotka Ltd is expanding significantly its Mussalo Harbour, located in Kotka. The expansion, totalling 20 hectares, will be implemented on the west side of the harbour's D section, for the new pulp terminal of UPM.

Project’s implementation
Terramare’s contract includes the construction of a new 220 metres long retaining quay wall as well as a 620 metres long and 4 metres high breakwater. The contract also includes the deepening of a new and extensive harbour basin to the minimum depth of -17,5 metres.

The project commenced in summer 2018 with dredging, underwater drilling and blasting work. The masses to be dredged amounted to around 500,000 m3. A total of 240,000 m3 of rock has been removed. The blasted rock will be used for the massive breakwater to be constructed, work on which has been initiated alongside the dredging.

Slipform casting of the quay wall elements was also launched in parallel with dredging, underwater drilling and blasting work.  A total of 53 K and S elements, which are nearly 19 metres high were slipform casted. The actual quay wall works will commence in spring 2019 when the slipform cast elements will be installed into position.

The powerful dredger Nordic Giant is being used at the site. Transport of the vast dredging masses is being handled by the self-propelled barges Terra 1 and Terra 2, both of which have a loading capacity of 660 m3. The drilling platform Playmate is active in underwater drilling and blasting. A drag bucket dredger and high-performance excavators operating from land are also being used at the site.

The contract is scheduled to be completed by 27 October 2019.

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