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Port of Raahe Ltd and Town of Raahe



Terramare Oy

Expansion of Port of Raahe | Client: Port of Raahe Ltd and Town of Raahe

Terramare has implemented the expansion of Raahe deep-water harbour for LNG vessels. The contract consisted of the capital dredging of the deep-water harbour basin as well as the construction of a new end quay including a ro-ro ramp.

Project's significance

The expansion of Port of Raahe is part of the Bothnia Bulk project, which enables larger and more environmentally friendly LNG bulk cargo vessels to operate in the deep-water harbour. Terramare’s contract contained capital dredging of deep-water harbour basin. Additionally, a new end quay including a ro-ro stern door ramp was constructed in the port.

Project's implementation
Terramare has executed the capital dredging in Raahe’s deep-water harbour basin to the level -11.365 metres. Alongside the capital dredging, Terramare also implemented an excavation for the slope of a new end quay, bringing the total amount of dredging masses to 47,900 m3.

Terramare implemented a new 85 metres long end quay including a 39 metres wide ro-ro stern door ramp. The retaining quay wall elements, a total of 17, each 12.5 metres high, were slipformed and installed into position.

The dredging work was carried out by the dredger Attila and quay wall elements were installed by the floating crane Nosto-Pekka.