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Extension of West Quay in Kalajoki | Client: Port of Kalajoki Ltd

Port of Kalajoki extends the West Quay and harbor basin. Terramare executes the dredging works as well as the construction of a 142 metres extension quay including a ro-ro ramp at the outer end the quay.

Project's significance

The extension of Port of Kalajoki's West Quay enables simultaneous handling of two large or four smaller cargo vessels in the port, which increases the resources of the port to the steadily growing traffic volume and to the container traffic, launched in summer 2018 .

Project's implementation 
The project consists of the construction of a 123 metres extension quay. The extension comprises also and a 19 metres transverse quay, including a ro-ro ramp, at the outer end of the extended quay. The quay extension will have a total length of 142 metres. The extension quay will be implemented as a retaining quay wall. A total of 29 quay wall elements, retaining quay wall and intermediate elements, each 10.2 metres high, were casted in-situ.

The foreground of the quay extension will be dredged to the level of -9.5 metres. The amount of dredging masses will be approximately 73,000 m3.

The dredging works commenced in the beginning of  June 2018 and are scheduled to be completed by 31 January 2019 excluding asphalting works. Terramare will carry out the asphalting works in the spring 2019.