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Port of Helsinki Ltd


Terramare Oy

Hernesaari cruise ship quay (LHD), West Harbour, Helsinki | Client: Port of Helsinki Ltd

Terramare implemented a new cruise ship quay (LHD) at Helsinki’s West Harbour. The quay at the south tip of Hernesaari, can be able to accommodate vessels up to 330 metres long.









Project’s significance
Port of Helsinki has replaced the Melki quay located in the West Harbour with a new cruise ship quay, which Terramare implemented in connection with the harbour at the southern tip of Hernesaari. The Melki quay has been withdrawn from use to make way for a new residential area and bridge work. The new quay will allow cruise ships up to 330 metres long to visit the harbour.

Project’s implementation
The contract began with the slipform casting of massive quay elements, in which 69 elements over 13 metres high were produced. Of these, 35 were 230-tonne K-elements, and 34 were the 90-tonne S-elements. The slipform casting was implemented on top of a 350 metres long and 35 metre wide (upper surface)  backing embankment, implemented by rock-filling in an earlier preconstruction project. The slipform casting comprised a total of 1,216 tonnes of steel and 7,500 cubic metres of concrete. 

The elements were transferred and installed from the backing embankment to the quay line on the seabed, levelled to -12.54 metres. Backfilling work on the quay structure was also started alongside the installation of the elements. The seaward connecting point of the quay was supported by bored piles and Gewi bars.

In addition to element installation, backfilling and the connecting structure, the contract included the construction of the quay edge beam, the adjacent harbour field, equipped with public utility services, and the superstructure. In front of the quay elements, an erosion slab was cast all the way to the sea bottom. Four massive storm bollard were implemented in connection with the quay. The quay was delivered fully equipped, including fenders, bollards, protective beams, edge barriers and ladders.

The Hernesaari cruise ship quay project was completed in October 2018. The quay will be taken into use in summer 2019.

Work stages
The contract included massive slipform casting, quay element installations, backfilling, concrete work, piling work, backing field surface work, and installation of public utility services and quay accessories. The contract included also the construction of four storm bollards and the cast of erosion protection slabs.

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