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Stockholm Norvik Port quay contract, Norvikudden, Sweden | Client: Ports of Stockholm

Terramare and Boskalis Nederland’s civil division are implementing a Norvik port quay contract containing altogether nearly 1.2 kilometres of new quay capacity. The value of the contract is approximately EUR 60 million.








Project’s significance
Ports of Stockholm is constructing Stockholm Norvik Port, a new and of considerable size, at Norvikudden, which is located around 60 kilometres south of Stockholm.
The total length of the quay berths will be nearly 1.4 kilometres of which at the initial phase of the project 1,140 metres of quay and the associated stern door ramps will be constructed.

Project’s implementation
Terramare is implementing a quay project in collaboration with Boskalis Nederland’s civil division.  The quay sections will be implemented with retaining quay wall elements and bored piles. The depths of the quays to be constructed will be 11 and 17 metres. The deepest water depth enables the largest cargo vessels of the Baltic Sea to access the port. Quay sections implemented using a bored pile foundation, for which 800 bored piles will be installed. Due to the steep shore the lengths of the bored piles vary from 6 to up 40 metres. A total of 69 retaining wall and intermediate elements, 12.35 metre high, have been installed to the backfilled retaining quay wall. The quay contract includes the construction of coping beams, surface work as well as the installation work of quay accessories. The quays will be completed in good time before the inauguration in 2020.
The quay contract was preceded by extensive dredging, underwater drilling and blasting as well as filling and compaction work for the quay line. This was implemented in collaboration with Terramare and Boskalis.

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