In projects Terramare operates according to the rules prescribed in environmental legislation. We also strictly follow our own environmental management system and general recommendations. We have developed our own environmental protection procedures, for example a handling process for dredged contaminated soil within European Commission’s Life programme. Furthermore, we cooperate internationally with other Boskalis companies to develop strong expertise in solutions for many environmental issues.

Environmental protection is emphasised in environmental dredging and construction projects. Terramare has special dredging and soil handling procedures, including post processing measures when appropriate. With our technical innovations in our dredging fleet and operational methods, we achieve excellent results even in demanding projects that involve contaminated sediments or other objects.

Terramare has a safety management system for its plant and equipment, ensuring safety and environmental protection. The Finnish Maritime Administration has audited the requirements of our safety management system in terms of our equipment and has certified that it is in accordance with the international ISM code. The purpose of the safety management system is to guarantee safe operation of vessels and to prevent environmental pollution.

Our comprehensive experience and continuous development work ensure that we will be able to meet future challenges as well.