Corporate Social Responsibility

Boskalis Terramare falls under the Boskalis Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

The Boskalis Group takes its social responsibility seriously. Key areas with shared values are defined across the Group. Each member of the Group has signed up to these shared values and complements them with their own values and policies. Sustainability as the higher-ranking subject and thus the most important social responsibility, is the focus for everyone.

Being sustainable is a concern for us both internally and externally. We feel obliged to create an economic value and simultaneously to consider the social requirements and challenges. We strive to make our contribution to the current topics of energy revolution, adjustments to climate change and protection of the marine ecosystems and to drive these forward with shared values. At the same time, we strive to strengthen our business in order to offer our employees long-term, secure jobs.


Conscientious business practices

We at Boskalis have committed to acting with integrity, reliability and responsibility towards our stakeholders. Accordingly, we have drawn up a general code of conduct, which is taken into account in all our work. The code is based on international guidelines, e.g. the General Declaration on Human Rights, and is actually a part of the employment contract with every Boskalis employee. We also have these demands on subcontractors and suppliers. Apart from considering quality, delivery reliability and price structures, we also select our suppliers on the basis of their ecological and social performance, including safety and sustainability. We review our own code of conduct and that of our suppliers at least every two years in order to take into account all relevant new legislation. In addition, we perform a CSR scan every year when selecting our authorised suppliers in order to examine their compliance.