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EUR 60 million agreement on Stockholm Norvik Port quay contract

Ports of Stockholm is developing at Norvikudden the Stockholm Norvik Port, which is located around 60 km south of Swedish capital and will be of significant size. A 60-hectare NCC Norvik logistics and business park will also be built in connection with the new container, RoRo and distribution port. Upon completion, the port will cover a total area of 44 hectares.

Stockholm Norvik Port will meet the needs of modern container vessels, with deeper fairways, longer quays, larger terminals and efficient transport solutions. A total of seven quay berths will be constructed at the port.

The Terramare and Boskalis quay contract includes both retaining quay wall elements and quay sections founded on bored piles. The total length of the berths will be approximately 1,400 metres. The depths of the quays to be constructed will vary between 10.5 and 16.5 metres. The biggest water depth will enable visits to the port of the Baltic’s largest cargo vessels.

The quay contract was preceded by extensive dredgings and underwater drilling and blastings as well as filling and compaction work, likewise implemented as a collaborative effort of Terramare and Boskalis, and these were completed in March 2017. The dredging volumes at that time totalled 690,000 cubic metres. For the future quay line, a total of approximately 200,000 cubic metres was drilled and blasted from above and below the water surface.



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